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Training Program and Events

The internationally competetive research program is accompanied by an attractive international training program.

Special Lecture Courses with Problem Sessions

The group leaders of the graduate college offer special courses each for the graduate collegiates and their non-fellow doctoral students in their field of expertise. Problem sessions are included.

Practical Courses

Automated and semiautomated synthesis has become a major tool in industrial research laboratories. To train the graduate collegiates on this new technique a practical course will be offered. An important tool of modern catalyst development and understanding is the use of computational methods. To complement the educational program in this regard a practical course will be offered. The course includes theory and application of computational methods to chemical problems in catalysis.

Lecture Courses of Visiting Scientists

Internationally outstanding scientists are invited to stay for one or two months in Basel and Freiburg and to give special block courses for the graduate college fellows in their field of expertise.

Lecture Courses of Industrial Scientists and Excursion

Two senior scientists from industry [Dr. Ditrich (BASF), Prof. Dr. G. Sedelmeier (Novartis)] which are both experts in the field of catalytic reactions for organic synthesis offer special courses for graduate collegiates. The lectures take place at the University of Freiburg. The course of Prof. Dr. Sedelmeier shows the importance of practical catalytic reactions for large scale synthesis of complex drug molecules. The course of Dr. Ditrich focusses on large scale chemical processes with an emphasis on enzymatic catalysis. Dr. Ditrich is one of the inventors of CHIPROS® at BASF and thus, is a leading expert on the use of enzymes for large scale industrial processes. Each course is divided in two parts and will take place once a year. Both courses include a trip to the corresponding company to get insights into the real world of industrial research and application of catalytic reactions in industry.

Group Seminars

In addition to their own group's seminar every graduate collegiate shall visit for two semesters the group seminar of other groups. It is hoped that this will stimulate scientific discussions and will extend the scientific horizon of the graduate students.

Symposia, Workshops

An International Research Training Group workshop is organized and hosted once a year by the collegiates. The graduate collegiates will present their research results. Additionally, doctoral students from other universities with related research interests shall be invited. Additionally, the annual Regio-Symposium is an integral part of this European graduate college. Internationally outstanding scientists are invited to present lectures. Additionally, there is a poster session in which the graduate collegiates and their non-fellow colleagues will present their research results as posters and short presentations.

Furthermore, each graduate fellow gets the opportunity to present his/her results as a poster on the occasion of an international conference.

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